• Who is the Number one in Lithium-ion battery filed

    Who is the Number one in Lithium-ion battery filed

    March 9, 2022 / in Industry news / by ZCF

    When Yoshion Akira, a JAPANESE chemist, worked on rechargeable batteries in the 1980s, it was with a view to powering portable devices. His Nobel-prizewinning research led to the first commercial lithium-ion(Li-ion) battery. These now power everything from smartphones to electric vehicles(EVs) . But the Japanese firms that, bulding on Mr Yoshino’s work, dominatedd the Li-ion business early on have lost their edge. CATL, China’s battery giant, and the energy arm of LG, a South Korean group, have eclipsed Japan’s Panasonic as the world’s largest suppliers of EV batteries. Others are catching up in the production of materials and components. While ZCF is one of the “Others”

    ZCF produce all kinds of batteries to all kinds of fileds from small mobile electronic device to medical motion capture devices. Yes Yoshion Akira is right. The batteries can ower all the portable devices. Now even the Internet of Things” devices do need the batteries, such as Home Automation with video door phones for home automation ,robotics. ZCF can provide the battery to support all the device to work even there is no power.