• The global chip shortage affect battery fields

    The global chip shortage affect battery fields

    March 9, 2022 / in Industry news / by ZCF

    Microchips were a boom-and-bust industry even before covid-19.

    For want of a chip, the factory was lost On May 18th Toyota became the latest carmaker forced to cut production amid a global shortage of microchips, announcing it would suspend work at two of its plants in Japan.

    The pain is not confined to the car industry, for the shortage spans all sorts of chips, from the expensive, high-tech devices that power smart phones and data centers to the simple sensors and microcontrollers that have become a vital commodity, scattered across everything from cars to washing machines, affecting everything from Smart phones and games consoles to televisions and home broadband routers.

    As the battery factory, it was badly affecting.

    First, all the above fields from small mobile electronic device to smart home solutions boost. As a result, the chip and MOS request double. What’s more all this device need the batteries.

    Second, the batteries also need some special or complicated chip to support the device to help people.

    The chip shortage affect the economy. Governments are worried. The shortage might soon hit export performance in several East Asian economies. The chip drought is the result of the covid-19 pandemic interacting with an industry that is notoriously prone to cycles of boom and bust. It is likely to persist for months.

    So how we would do ,it seems we have no choice but to wait.

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